Our Nation’s Sons Galway: July 2014

The aim of the project is to install large-scale portrait drawings of young men at specific locations throughout Ireland over the course of the coming year. The installation at Comerford House, adjacent to the iconic Spanish Arch site in Galway city marks the launch of the 26th Galway Film Fleadh.


Comerford House Galway

© Joe Caslin

As a nation we have pushed a significant number of our young men to the very edges of society and created within them feelings of neglect and apathy. It is now time to empower these young lads and give them a sense of belonging.

I cannot fix the complex problems of apathy and disillusionment by simply sticking a drawing to a wall. However, I can create something more meaningful than any bureaucratic promise and generate a more positive social impact than many published articles, political broadcasts or speeches.

A drawing has the power to go further than words. But a series of large-scale drawings have the potential to resonate and disrupt the visual landscape of an island, town or city. It has the power to pull a passer-by from the mundane, the power to trend and the power to gain real social momentum. It will re-establish respect for and showcase the capabilities and power of our nation’s sons.